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Tetsuo The Iron Man 1989 Long Sleeve

Tetsuo The Iron Man 1989 Long Sleeve

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One of the least recognized but most memorable body horror movies there is! The unconventional film making and unique style are only part of what sets Tetsuo apart from its contemporaries. This movie creates a surreal and nightmarish atmosphere in ways that many films before and after it failed to do, and it deserves more appreciation! 

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This design was done by the incredibly talented Ent Design.

We print on 100% American grown cotton shirts. More info on the shirts and fit can be found on our sizing chart. Model is 5'9", 165#, wearing a Medium.

All prints are done by hand using only the highest quality inks with a discharge print method. Normal screen printing lays ink on top of a shirt, but discharge printing actually changes the color of the shirt fibers. This is a more time consuming process that requires precision, but results in a higher quality/slightly vintage look to the print, and a completely nonexistent hand-feel after the first wash.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Mom doesn’t like it

Says that I’ll creep out other people wearing it but like who give a shit. Not me. Also just bought a shirt from the secret the thing drop. Girlfriend says that certain shade of green suites me so thank you for enhancing my relationship 👍


Fantastic quality for the price! Finally found a horror shirt that fits not just big, but tall too! Will be buying from them again!

Joshua Burns

Fit is good, material is not highest quality. Custom Colors would be better as a base for the prints


Such good quality material


Got here super fast, and looks great!!!