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Suspiria 1977 Short Sleeve

Suspiria 1977 Short Sleeve

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Why is Suspiria such a memorable movie? Is it the story? The colors? The imaginative sets? The soundtrack? We think it's all of the above, and much more. Suspiria sticks with you, easily drawing you back in for multiple viewings. It has also inspired countless horror/thrillers that came after it because of it's visual style and music- Both of which play such a large role in the movie that it's almost as if they are characters themselves!

We print on 100% American grown cotton shirts. More info on the shirts and fit can be found on our sizing chart.

Black shirts are done by hand using only the highest quality inks with a discharge print method. Normal screen printing lays ink on top of a shirt, but discharge printing actually changes the color of the shirt fibers. This is a more time consuming process that requires precision, but results in a higher quality/slightly vintage look to the print, and a completely nonexistent hand-feel after the first wash.

Green shirts are done by hand using only the highest quality water-based inks. The result is a slightly vintage looking print, with a very minimal hand-feel. Most printing lays an image on top of a shirt, but water-based inks actually dye the cotton fibers. This means your print won't crack or chip, and your shirt will stand the test of time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Claudia Parker
I love it.

Great quality shirt and I love the style.


Love the quality. Love the design and the film!

Miles Norrell

Love the movie, love the shirt

Reagan Henderson
Suspiria short sleeve

I love the design. The shirt doesn’t have a great fit in the arms. Also, I found the long sleeve shirts to be short in the sleeve even though the shirt fit the rest of my body overall. I think investing in a higher quality material and shirt while keeping the design would be awesome. I really like this company and will continue to look for awesome shirts.


Suspiria 1977 Short Sleeve