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Greensboro Sit In Shirt

Greensboro Sit In Shirt

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We print on 100% American grown cotton shirts. More info on the shirts and fit can be found on our sizing chart.

All prints are done by hand using only the highest quality water-based inks. The result is a slightly vintage looking print, with a very minimal hand-feel. Most printing lays an image on top of a shirt, but water-based inks actually dye the cotton fibers. This means your print won't crack or chip, and your shirt will stand the test of time.

Shirt printed with two images from the Woolworth Sit In and protest in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.

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Customer Reviews

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Samuel Bridges
A proper Greensboro shirt - Also, is this Rob from Torchrunner?

I just talked to a dude at westerwood that explained to me that Cult of Cult is run by a guy that I remember. No idea if that’s true, but I won’t sleep without sending this and asking. I remember Rob. Super fit little dude with a big black beard that played bass and screamed his fucking heart out. Torchrunner was fantastic.

This is Sam Bridges. I had long hair, rode bikes a lot, and was always a little too hippy to be a proper metal head but I grew up listening to metal and thought you guys were great.

If this makes any sense at all, tell Rob I said hi. Thank you for making a proper Greensboro shirt.

Angelo Parodi
Cool shirt

As a history teacher I find this the perfect shirt!