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Deep Red Profondo Rosso 1975 T-Shirt

Deep Red Profondo Rosso 1975 T-Shirt

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Deep Red/Profondo Rosso marks a seminal point in Dario Argento’s career. The success of this movie shed light on the italian Giallo genre, and it also informed themes for his future work like Suspiria and Tenebrae. Profound Rosso also directly inspired filmmakers such as John Carpenter’s Halloween, and James Wan’s Saw. And, as always, the Goblin soundtrack slaps!

All prints are done by hand using only the highest quality inks with a discharge print method. Normal screen printing lays ink on top of a shirt, but discharge printing actually changes the color of the shirt fibers. This is a more time consuming process that requires precision, but results in a higher quality/slightly vintage look to the print, and a completely nonexistent hand-feel after the first wash.

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Customer Reviews

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Deep Red Cool

I’m just blown away by what you guys produce. I got many compliments on this shirt. My film nerd friends love it. I need your long sleeve Waylon Jennings shirt because it’s stupidly cool. You guys are amazing. Thank you for the hard work.

Frederick McMurry

Deep Red Profondo Rosso 1975 T-Shirt


Love the design. Wish the shirt material was softer.


Love the color, design and quality of the shirt. Being a fan of Aregnto films, I really love the shirt!


Excellent designs, normally I dont buy movie related tshirts and things even though I collect physical media, I'm not cool, so normally I avoid things that might effect my hot natural atmosphere. I told my wife I said, you see this tremors shirt? It too is so cool, as a ghost woman she knows a thing or two about keeping cool. A serious note from me the purchaser following punctuation: I love these designs, top tier stuff! will buy again.